Call for musicians and singers!

Thanks to Echo you can upload and share your music videos, you can find new fans and be noticed by producers and labels.
Alternatively, you can sign up as a spectator to discover new talents and take part to the Echo community.

A new way to discover artists!

Your feed is what appears when you first log in to Echo. It’s a never-ending supply of the most recent videos uploaded on the platform. Any time you follow an artist or a band, their videos will show up in your feed and you can like or comment their performance.


Push your music into the scene!

It’s your turn! Your profile is your personal musician/band page, designed to focus all of your fan’s attention on your music. You can also save your favourites video and see in realtime your resonance: that indicate the success your music has reached on Echo.


What are you waiting for?

ECHO is the way to succeed with your music!



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